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My work is deeply inspired by a life dancing through curiosity and creation of a visual voice for the misunderstood. Making art bends time into a sanctuary, a temple of deep space, made for vulnerable truths, reflection, heart and surrendering to love over fear. As an artist and human, I aim to make work that radiates the energy of acceptance and the undeniable beauty of a belief that we are all connected, that

We Are One.

- Rey Jaffet

Born and raised in Miami, Jaffet was exposed to the art world at a young age, constantly surrounded by diverse cultures. He works with oils, acrylics, spray paint, and other mixed media in a dynamic visual approach that encompasses elements of modern realism, contemporary, pop and street-art fused with urban influences.

Jaffet has been an active participant in Art Basel Miami since 2011 and has collaborated with corporations including The Miami Heat, The Four Seasons, Capital One, Leafly, Samsung, 7up, Ultra Music Festival, and Vita Coco. In early 2015, he completed the tallest mural in Miami with Miami Jewish Health Systems, and raised the bar once again in 2018 with the 14-story mural “Declaration of Hope”. In 2012, at the age of 17, he won the prestigious National Scholastic American Visions Drawing Award, which honors the most outstanding artwork in the nation and was put on display in Carnegie Hall.


Over the years, Jaffet has gained international recognition through public murals, commissioned work, gallery shows and donated work including two pieces created for his high school and a piece donated for auction to the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Jaffet’s passion, talent, experience, and ambition inspire him to cultivate his craft as he works toward a promising future in the art world.


About Rey Jaffet